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RITEH projekt d.o.o. 

Mačkovec (Grad Čakovec)

Trg sv. Petra i Pavla 14

Tel. ++385 40 633 214

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OIB: 47921292656, MB:04092384

IBAN: HR83 2500 0091 1014 0155 6 Addiko Bank d.d.

Direktorica: Monika Lesar

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About us

RITEH projekt Ltd. is company specialized for: energy efficiency projects, projects of construction and architectural projects, energy audits and energy certification of buildings, judicial expert in civil engineering and valuation of real estate, construction supervision.

The company brings together civil engineers, architects, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers for the purpose of giving the best long-term and cost-effective energy-efficient building solutions.

We are open for cooperation in various fields, feel free to contact us.